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Micheline has learnt porcelain painting in the eighties using the traditional technique. She became attracted by modern techniques and took lessons in the Scandinavian technique among others.


She started painting small round or square shaped pieces that she assembled in jewellery items. As she had also been trained as a potter, she decided to produce her own pieces in porcelain and create jewels. Her creations are sold on the markets, at shows or in the shops under the trade name of « M.L. CRÉATION bijoux ».


In 1998 she set up « M.L. CRÉATION porcelaine » and began to sell her porcelain jewellery blanks to china painters.


In 2010, she expands her production and offers unglazed porcelain tiles to be painted using such techniques as watercolour, American technique, painting with lustres against a mat support, traditional technique and so on…


In order to help porcelain painters enter into or improve their knowledge of this marvellous world, she writes and sells studies, holds and gives seminars as well as courses in our Studio at Les Bois.


In order to offer new supports to the porcelain painters, she cooperates with ceramists specialized in pottery turning.


Many porcelain painters throughout the world now use the porcelain jewellery supports produced by M.L. CRÉATION and let free their imagination.


M.L. CRÉATION attends many shows and exhibitions in Switzerland and in the world.


M.L. création - Bas du Village 13 - CH-2336 Les Bois

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