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Jewellery supplies

This page shows a selection of items to help you assemble your painted jewellery.

Bélière en argent

Product SKU : 194

Bélière en argent 925

4,00 CHF

Golden clasp

Product SKU : 0028

Golden clasp for cordon Ø 4 mm (without nickel)

5,00 CHF

Silver clasp

Product SKU : 0022

Silver clasp for cordon Ø 3 mm (without nickel)

4,00 CHF

Silver studs

Product SKU : 0024

925 Silver studs (pair)

5,50 CHF

Suspente for necklace

Product SKU : 0181

Suspente pour collier Spiral rond En argent 925

11,00 CHF

Suspente for necklace

Product SKU : 0182

Suspente pour collier Spiral carré En argent 925

12,00 CHF

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